tkStuff v0.2

tkStuff is a collection of Tkinter widgets for dates, times and colors.

For each of these there is an entry widget and a dialog for obtaining values from the user.

For colors, each element of the dialog is also exposed as a class (classes exist for a color wheel, 3 element sliders, a color information square.)

A color palette widget is also provided access to the set of colors defined by X11 and CSS3.

Finally there are 2 widgets to display tints and shades of a color.

Examples of these can be seen in the Gallery and some code examples in the Code Examples section.


This module is licensed under the terms of the Apache V2.0 license.


tkStuff has one required dependency and an optional one. Either Pillow or PIL are required and Babel is optional.

  • PIL is used to generate the color wheel.
  • Babel is used to provide improved date and time handling and if Babel not present dates are limited to the ISO 8601 YYYY-MM-DD format and times are limited to a 24 hour clock.


Installation is performed from PyPi via pip

pip install tks

This doesn’t automatically install Babel. To do this either install it separately or use the following command for the improved date/time handling

pip install tks[idth]


Simon Kennedy <>

Version History

Version Description
  • Added *Entry classes for files, directories and passwords.
  • Added functions to set a Tk window icon.
  • *Entry classes now take a Tk variable subclass instead of a value.
  • Colors and fonts to be used for interface elements can be specified using an rc file.
  • Added a decimal places parameter to the color to string conversion functions.
0.1 Initial release